Old Photographs of Vineyard Haven, Mass.
  Photo Album #1

These photographs were collected by local historian Stan Lair (1902-1987) during the 1970's and 1980's from a wide variety of sources. He supplemented them with his own modern photos (included here) as well as handwritten notes on the back (and sometimes the front) of most of the images. We have transcribed his notes, as well as any captions or signs visible in the image. [Additional comments (marked [W.R. 1999]) have been provided by Walter Renear of Vineyard Haven.]

Sorry, but I cannot make copies of these photos available at this time. Try the Martha's Vineyard Historical Society, who may have copies of some of these photos in their files.

Can you identify something in one of these photos that is not noted - a person, building, location, or event? How about the time period? Or do you know where one of these photos came from? Please Let me know!

Index to Photographs:

Paddlewheel Ferry and Schooners in Harbor
Ferry Nantucket Approaching Union Wharf
Shoe Store of Edward C. Lord (Interior)
Methodist Church (Before the Fire)
Tashmoo Inn and Car, View from Main Street
Tashmoo Inn and Footpath
Ruins of Tashmoo Inn (After the Fire)
The British Freighter Port Hunter, Sunk
Men Outside Luce Bros. Store
The B. C. Cromwell House (razed)
The Luxemoor Building and the Bank
Looking North Down Main St. from Mansion House
Downtown from M.E. Church Tower
Mrs. A. T. Tilton's Storefront
Drug Store on Main St. (before the 1883 Fire)
Looking down Spring St. in 1874 from William St.
The Great House (Before the 1883 Fire)
The Great House?
Isaac Chase's "Great House"
Steamer Nantucket at the West Chop Wharf
Tisbury School, Centre St.
Old Portable School building, Center St. School
"Row on Bass Creek, that Vanished Beauty Spot"
"Uncatena" under tow by "Eben A. Thatcher"
Car Outside Martha's Vineyard National Bank
Martha's Vineyard National Bank & Renear's Livery
Bathers & Beach, Vineyard Haven Harbor
Setting Hen Houses, Owen Farms, Tashmoo Lake
1883 Fire - Vineyard Haven Relief Fund (newspaper)
The Old Roth House (near present Police Station)
Dr. Roth House from rear (razed)
Loading Cars During Steamboat Strike
After the 1883 Fire - View From Methodist Church
Swift Bros.'s Store (now Brickman's)
Old First National Store (now Bunch of Grapes)
The Second Crocker Harness Factory
Crane Near Vineyard Dry Goods Storage Building
"Historic Building on Union St." article
Moving the Old Cooper's Shop on Union St.
Old Cooper's Shop, Union St. (Now Mad Martha's)
Beach St. c. 1975 from Five Corners; "The Makery"
Beach Road at the Bend, c. 1975-80
Buildings at Five Corners, c. 1975-80
Chadwicks Blacksmith Shop (now Tisbury Market Place)
Down Beach St. from The Mansion House c. 1975-80?
2nd Harness Factory, Livery, and E.H. Manter Shoes
Bathers & Beach, Vineyard Haven Harbor
Rudolphus Crocker (of Harness factory) Driving Car
View from the M.E. Church Tower After 1883 Fire
Wrecks in Vineyard Haven Harbor after 1898 Gale
W. E. Carroll, General Trucking (Driver in Truck)
Shacks at the Herring Creek - Now Tashmoo Opening
Bathing Beach, Vineyard Haven Harbor
Railway, Beach Rd. - Boat Yard
Schooners in Harbor and Wreck(?)
C. L. Cleveland, Coal, Hay, and Straw, Water St.
Schooner Ashore - after 1898 Portland Gale?
Parade Car Passing Atlantic & Pacific Store
Ridewerth Lodge, Main St. facing Grove Ave.
Renear's Garage After the Fire
Crane Leaving Renear's Garage After the Fire
Two Golfers
Schr. Augusta G. Hilton Ashore at West Chop - 1923
Schr. Augusta G. Hilton Ashore at West Chop - 1923
Schr. Augusta G. Hilton Ashore at West Chop - 1923
Schr. Augusta G. Hilton Ashore at West Chop - 1923
Schr. Augusta G. Hilton Ashore, and Steamer, 1923
Mrs. Revel's Ice Cream Parlors, South Main St.
West Chop Light and Light Keeper's House
Legrand Lockwood Aldrich, 20th Century Garage
Group in Front of Second Crocker Harness Factory
Vineyard Haven Harbor Waterfront
Renear's Livery Stable and Bank
Craig Kingsbury and his Oxen in front of S.B.S.
Matthew Chadwick and others in Front of Store
McArthur House V.H. (Burned)
Road to the West Chop Lighthouse
West Chop Light - View from Narrow Dock
West Chop Light - View from Water
West Chop Light and Keeper's House from Road
Woman and Dog at Beach
Vineyard Utilities Store, Union St.
The Mooring, Union St.
Union Street Store
Capt. B. C. Cromwell House, Cromwell Ave.
The Percival House - Facing Crocker Ave. (razed)
"The Percival" House (Torn Down), Main St.
Manter's Shoe Store (Now Island Color Center)
Dolph Manning with Horse Preparing to Move Building
Moving the Shoe Store / Color Center Building
Dolph Manning and Horse Preparing to Move Building
John's Fish Market + Mike Fontes Paint Shop
John's Fish Market at Five Corners
Parking Lot
Building [Present M.V. Times Offices?)
Unloading Barge at Wharf
Moving the Bethel Building?
Moving the Bethel Building
Old Roth Barn, Water St.
Dr. Roth House and Old Roth Barn, Water St.
Moving of Seaman's Bethel
Tilton Lumber Company
Capt. John Ivory, Seated by Boat
L. W. Winterbottom Office
Tilton Lumber Company
Rear of Tilton Lumber Yard
Dr. Lane's Model T in Front of his Drug Store
Important Historical Dates by A. S. Andrews
A. S. Andrews' Barber Shop and Job Printing
Lake Tashmoo, Upper End Looking to the Northeast.
Schooner at Wharf
M. V. Champion Baseball Team 1903
V. H. Harbor and "Indian style" eel pot about 1886
The Bethel Launch "Helen May" in the Harbor
Looking down William Street as a Dirt Road
Four Ice Boats on Lake Tashmoo circa 1930
Firemen(?) and Truck at V. H. Gas & Electric Plant
The Norton and Bradley livery stable on Main St.
Taxi Business on Main St. (Former Livery)
Ed Lord's Ship Store at the foot of Grove St.
Early Vineyard Haven Waterfront & Harness Factory
The Hines Bridge V. H. Lifted by the Ice
Construction of the M.V.N.B. Drive-In Bank
Schooner Ashore - after 1898 Portland Gale?
Gosnold Pageant - Costumed Actors in Canoes
Men on Ship in Harbor (the Bethel's Launch?)
Marine Hospital, Lagoon Pond Road
Hazel (Look) Winterbottom & Friends with Airplane
Hazel Winterbottom & Louise Whitney with Airplane
Capt. Zeb Tilton & Friends on "Alice S. Wentworth"
V. H. Harbor and "Indian style" eel pot about 1886
The Seamans Bethel, Garden, and Water Drain
Bethel Launch, Helen May
Bethel and View up Union Street from Union Wharf
Bethel and Buildings on Union Street
Seaman's Bethel and Union Wharf
Naushon grounded on the Beach (view from water)
Ferry Naushon and Alice S. Wentworth on the beach
Ferry Naushon and Alice S. Wentworth on the beach
Ferry Naushon and Alice S. Wentworth on the beach
Eight Men Outside Storefront
View from the M. E. Church Tower Before the 1883 Fire
Main Street, 1874
Main Street Before the 1883 Fire
Crocker Harness Factory, Livery Stable, and Manter Shoes
Grace Episcopal Church, April 1891
View down Grove Ave. to Shore
View Down Union St. to Union Wharf - Carriage & Sewer
News Article on Col. Roth Barn, 1962
Horse and Wagon Outside J. H. Lambert Grocery Store
Spring Street Church...?
U. S. Naval Hospital
Schooners Wrecked in Harbor after 1898 Gale
Aerial View of Downtown (Church Street + Main Street)
Tisbury Pharmacy - Edward Le Beau
West Chop Lighthouse + Lightkeeper's Dwelling
Seamans Bethel V.H. about 1886 - Near Bayside
Church St. Looking West; Old M.E. Church
Men and Boat and Wreck in Front of Union Wharf
Car and Carriage in Front of Bayside
Men at Table in Seamans Bethel
One of Two IHC Trucks owned by Albert Fischer 1913
Interior of Seamans Bethel
Crowd of Men and Gramaphone Inside Seamans Bethel
Bethel and Launch, Union Wharf
Children Diving From Pier in Harbor
View from Mt. Aldworth
Buildings on Shore and Dock (??)
Man Diving from Wreck of Port Hunter
Wreck of the British freighter "Port Hunter"
View of Stores on Main Street, Near Church Street
Carter Park, Corner of Union and Main Streets
Vineyard Machine + Marine Fire
Eben A. Thatcher
Ed Lord's Chandlery
"The Old Wreck at the Harbor"
House on Church St. and Old Methodist Church
Four Boys at Soda Fountain, 1944
Glimpse of The Mansion House
Mrs. A. T. Tilton Store and Neighboring Stores on Main St.
Elmer Chadwick's Blacksmith Shop - now Tisbury Market Place
Mrs. A. T. Tilton Store and Neighboring Stores on Main St.
Look, Smith & Co. / Meats & Groceries
Luce Bros. Store, Main St.
"The Freighter Port Hunter Went Down With A $5 Million Cargo
The British Freighter Port Hunter, Sunk
Mansion House Barn, Main St., After a Snowstorm
Elmer Chadwick's Blacksmith Shop
Interior of Swift Bros.'s Store
Public Library and Neighbors at Downtown Location, c. 1905
Main Street, looking North from Spring Street
The Quisetta, Amonita, and the Colonia rounding West Chop
Main Street, Looking North from Center Street
Four Men Outside Luce Bros. Store
Main Street looking South
Main Street looking North
George Eldridge's House on William St.
Bethel Building, Looking Down Union St. to Union Wharf
Main Street, Looking North, After Snowstorm
Captain Warren Luce (1819 - 1907), Whaling Master
School Children Marching Down Church St. to New School, 1929
Oliver's Paper Store (Now the Thrift Shop) and Kitchen Shop
The Bethel Boat "Helen May"
Tugs at V.H. Wharf 1915
Snowbanks and Carriage Outside A&P and Bangs Market
Bangs Market Closing Sale
Baptist Church, William Street
Old U. S. Marine Hospital Buildings - Circa 1886
The Old Methodist Episcopal Church
The Old Methodist Episcopal Church
Vineyard Haven Water Front, 1893
Old Center Street School
The Old First National Store
Lane's Block, Main Street, about 1950
Bethel Boat "Helen May"
Vineyard Haven Gas & Electric Light Co. Receipt - Luce Bros.
"The Tashmoo" (Later the Tashmoo Inn)
Main St. Looking South
Bass Creek and Marine Hospital
Looking North on Main Street
Uncatena Under Tow by Eben A. Thatcher
Paddlewheel Steamer "Martha's Vineyard"
Main Street Looking North from Spring Street - Souvenir Shop
Main Street, Looking North (Car Driving South)
"Main Street Looking South, Vineyard Haven, Mass."
Stephen C. Luce Grocery Store and Wagon, Main + Church St.
Lane's Block, Main St., in the Early 1900's
Augusta Hilton Ashore at West Chop 1920's
Mill Located East of Vineyard Haven Public Library
Schooners in Vineyard Haven(?) Harbor
Col. Cairy's [Carey's?] Mill House
Small Crowd Outside M. E. Church and View Down Church St.
Men and Wagon Outside J. H. Lambert Store
The Martha's Vineyard National Bank and Luxemoor Building
Old M.E. Church Destroyed by Fire in 1921
Looking Up Church St. to Old M.E. Church
Houses and Flagpole overlooking Harbor on Crocker Avenue
Two Tugboats at Union Wharf
(Missing Photo: Innisfail)
Main Street Looking North: Car and Linden Tree
The 1922 Fire at the Methodist Church
The 1922 Fire at the Methodist Church
The 1922 Fire at the Methodist Church
The 1922 Fire at the Methodist Church
Wagon and Ladder Outside Burning Methodist Church, 1922
M. E. Church After the Fire
Firemen with Hose Fighting 1922 M. E. Church Fire
Looking Up Church St. Toward Old M. E. Church
Sailboat at Hines Footbridge, Lagoon
Team Unloading Barge, Union Wharf
Vineyard Haven's Concrete Reservoir Under Construction
Three Ferries at Union Wharf ("Strike"?)
Walter H. Renear Livery and Boarding Stable Advertisement
Center Street Schoolchildren Parading with Sign
E. H. Manter Shoe Store, Livery Stable, and Harness Factory
Carriages Outside Walter H. Renear Real Estate Office
Looking North Up Main Street From Near Present Mosher Photo.
The Road From Cedar Neck (Now "Lagoon Pond Road")
Looking Across Hine's Bridge Toward the Harbor
Looking Past Hine's Bridge Toward Beach Road Buildings
Old Crowell Coal Co. Office, Destroyed
Art Smith, Carrie Cleveland, and Others Outside a Building
Hines Bridge Across Lagoon to Beach Rd.
Hines Bridge Across Lagoon to Buildings on Beach Rd.
U. S. Naval Hospital
The Old "Portable" School, Center St. (Now Tennis Courts)
View of Marine Hospital Across the Water
The Old U. S. Marine Hospital (Before Stairs and Flagpole)
Five Women and Five Babies in Carriages
Main Street and Lane's Block About 1900
Ten Men in Hats, Outside Store
(Missing Photo: McCall Plaque)
The Lime Schooner "Bertha E. Glover" Burning in V.H. Harbor
McCall Plaque at the Gay Head Town Hall
Stevens Reading Room, Hatch Rd.
Interior of Stevens Reading Room, Hatch Rd.
Two Original Marine Hospital Hospital Buildings
1918 Dedication of the Gay Head Tablet + Calvin Coolidge
1918 Dedication of the Gay Head Tablet
Samuel McCall parade, 1918
Paddlewheel Steamer "Martha's Vineyard" at Union Wharf
Decorated Cars in Parade (1918 McCall Parade?)

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